Unveiling the Brilliance: Malakan’s New Look at JCK Las Vegas

Woman in green dress on green background at a table with flowers. Made Without Rules tagline is shown.

With over 80 years in business, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings in 1938. While we have continuously showcased our deep desire to create custom jewelry over the past 8 decades, it was time to bring a new look to the prestigious Malakan brand. That is why we completed a full rebrand and debuted Malakan’s new look at the JCK Show in Las Vegas.


Rebranding Journey: From Tradition to Innovation

Over the years, Malakan has earned a reputation for leveraging time-honored traditions and modern technology to craft beautiful custom jewelry for clients worldwide. While our processes have been honed and our network of jewelers has grown, our branding was in dire need of updating.

As a leading custom jewelry provider, we knew our brand must reflect the high quality of our products to our current and potential new clients. When crafting our rebranding efforts, we wanted to highlight how Malakan can help you, as a jeweler, supply your clients with the jewelry of their dreams. 

Made Without Rules is more than just a tagline; it is the beginning of an adventure. At Malakan, we believe in the potential of ideas and creativity. Whatever the request, the cut, clarity, carat, style, setting, or material we will not be bound by the traditional, but will innovate to create exactly what your client dreams of.


Preparing for the JCK Show

As one of the largest jewelry trade shows in the world, JCK Las Vegas is a must-attend event for jewelers of all sizes. Boasting more than 30,000 industry professionals from over 130 countries, JCK is the jewelry industry’s preferred destination to do business globally.

As attendees in 2022, we had a great time meeting our wonderful customers and friends. With our new branding freshly launched, we were excited to attend JCK 2023 and showcase our new appearance. 

The Malakan 2023 JCK show booth featured our all-new, rebranded marketing materials and a beautiful new look that was both inviting and exciting. It showcased our commitment to quality and allowed for both current clients and potential clients plenty of room to explore our offerings.


Unveiling Malakan’s New Look

Our new tagline – Made Without Rules, is more than just a basis for our rebrand. It is a promise to our customers and partners. As your personal workshop, we are here to bring visions to life, even if it means breaking the rules of what premium can be. One of our original taglines, “From Dream To Reality”,  is one we continue to celebrate as it supports our “Made Without Rules” approach and lets our clients know that whatever their customers can dream up can become a reality with Malakan.

Our new identity and brand messaging showcase our commitment to making things easy for jewelers. We want our clients to truly feel that our workshop is an extension of their business and that we can help make their customer’s wildest designs come to life. With dedicated brand messaging catered to displaying our commitment to excellence, clients can rest assured that they are partnering with a high-quality workshop.



Throughout the rebranding process, we focused mainly on accurately representing the value of our company and the work we do to clients and customers in a professional, more updated fashion. We worked diligently to ensure our new branding standards reflected our commitment to quality and displayed what makes Malakan special.

Unveiling Malakan’s new look at the JCK show was exceptionally special to us. We have attended this show in the past and love to connect with our customers and clients. We can’t thank JCK and all of the attendees enough for having us out for another successful year.

As we move forward with our new look, the future has never been brighter for Malakan. We are excited to see where our rebrand takes us and what new events we may attend.