Turning dreams into reality.

How Malakan rewrote the rulebook of custom jewelry to create the workshop jewelers count on.

Nazar Malakan in front of the custom jewelry workshop

Nazar Malakan believed in the power of dreams. In 1938, he turned his dream into reality by building a family business that would create memories and fine custom jewelry for generations to come.

More than 80 years later, the Malakan family is still turning unique and creative ideas into custom jewelry pieces that last for generations. Blending time-honored traditions with current technology, our proven approach prioritizes strong partnerships, great experiences, and unconstrained creativity.

custom jewelry CAD sequence - ring

Today Malakan has more than 190 CAD designers working to deliver hundreds of custom jewelry CADs every day. Our design team produces more than 100,000 custom pieces each year. Every time we create a piece that brings a customer’s unique vision to life, we continue Nazar Malakan’s dream. We are proud to build upon his legacy and are grateful to everyone that helps to make this possible.

Behind The Scenes:

The heartfelt stories of custom jewelry pieces we’ve made for customers like yours.

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From dream

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To reality.

Made Without Rules.

Let us be your custom jewelry workshop and create pieces for your customers that will last a lifetime.

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