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Whether your client is looking for a natural, Bellataire®, or lab-created diamond, we can match them with the gem that is perfect for their design.

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Natural Diamonds

A wide selection of options to match your vision.

With a vast inventory of natural diamonds in stock, we can satisfy whatever your client demands. Any cut. Any carat. If we don’t have exactly the right stone, we can source it.

  • We carry diamonds ranging in size from 0.005ct – 20ct.
  • Our cuts include: round, princess, asscher, trillion, radiant, cushion, baguette, emerald, pear, marquise, heart, oval, kite, bullet and trapezoid.
  • If you are looking for a special size or cut not listed here, let us know and we can custom cut it for you!


Our own brand elevated with our proprietary techniques.

Bellataire® diamonds are Malakan’s exclusive collection of natural, earth-mined diamonds that are noted for their chemical purity. Thanks to a proprietary treatment process, they can save you 30-60% compared to equivalent natural stones, giving you the highest quality, GIA-certified, natural diamonds for the best value.

  • The high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) process reveals natural, colorless brilliance. As diamonds work their way up from the earth’s core, they are exposed to substantial heat and pressure. The HPHT process allows diamonds to destress in a controlled environment and go back to their natural, colorless beauty.
  • With our Bellataire® natural diamonds, we can work with you to create your own polished gems from a rough diamond and craft a custom piece of jewelry. From a rough crystal, you can choose the sizes and shapes of the diamonds to cut from it, then follow the journey as the rough diamond is cut and polished. The polished gems are set into your finished jewelry piece.

Lab-Created Diamonds

A perfected process puts purity within reach.

The leading gemological institutes recognize lab-created diamonds as 100% real diamond. Discerning jewelers know they can bring dazzling, beautiful diamonds within reach of every budget.

  • Lab-created diamonds are pure crystallized carbon with the same chemical, optical, and physical properties as a natural diamond.
  • Lab-created diamonds are 1/3 of the cost of natural diamonds. You can have the diamond of your dreams without stretching your budget.
  • Lab-created diamonds are rising in popularity with 70% of shoppers considering purchasing a lab-grown engagement ring. We offer a variety of cuts and carat weights to appeal to this ever-growing trend.

Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

Any color and any cut.

From rubies and sapphires to emeralds and beyond, Malakan can supply any precious or semi-precious gemstone your clients desire to perfect their custom jewelry piece. This includes natural and lab-created fancy colored gemstones, birthstones, pearls and more!

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To reality.

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Let us be your custom jewelry workshop and create pieces for your customers that will last a lifetime.

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