Malakan’s Interactive Smart CAD

Diamond ring in yellow gold. Interactive symbol is shown on top.

When crafting a piece of custom jewelry, we know every little detail is important. Your customers want to be able to view their piece from every angle before approving it for final production. That is why we’ve created our new Smart CAD tool.

An oval diamond ring is shown from all angles and with different metal colors in Malakan's new Smart CAD tool.

View it From All Angles

With our new Smart CAD tool, you and your customers can interact with a photo-realistic rendering of their custom jewelry piece. You use your mouse or finger to twist and turn the piece a full 360°. From the center stone and settings, to the bridge and embellishments, your clients can feel confident knowing exactly what their custom jewelry will look like from every angle.

Change the Metal Color

Is your client unsure if they want their piece in white gold or yellow? Are they wanting to experiment with rose gold or platinum? With our Smart CAD tool, you and your client can change the metal color to see exactly how it will change the overall look of the piece.

Close More Sales, Faster!

We know that the sooner you can put a design in front of your customers, the more likely it is that you will be able to close the sale. This Smart CAD will now accompany your CAD emails, replacing the MP4 videos, and the links can be shared directly with your clients for immediate review. They can explore their jewelry anytime, anywhere, and on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Additionally, all of the links are white labeled under the name “Best Custom Jewelers” ( to ensure you continue to own your custom jewelry relationships with your customers.

To send this to your clients, either:

  • Right click on the Smart CAD image in your email and select “Copy Link Address”. Paste that link into a text message or email to your clients.


  • Click on the Smart CAD image in your email to open the piece. Copy and paste that link into a text message or email to your clients.

A 3 stone diamond ring in yellow gold

Try it Out!

Explore some of our recent custom pieces using our Malakan’s new Smart CAD.

A round diamond ring in yellow gold     A white gold diamond ring with delicate detailing    A rose gold diamond bangle


Your emails look different now and I don’t always see the graphics. Has something changed?

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